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Crane Service

crane service in el paso

Crane Service-Rentals, Lifting, and More in El Paso

  • Manned and Maintained Cranes Available for Rent
  • Highly Reviewed Lifting Services
  • Local Company that Serves Businesses in West Texas and Beyond
  • Crane Rentals Available Here
  • Affordable Rates Available
  • Professional Services and Personnel

KMJ Transportation is a transportation and logistics company located in El Paso, Texas that offers a variety of crane and lifting services. In addition, we also offer crane and equipment rentals to companies throughout the Sun City. We boast a large fleet of equipment and machinery as well as qualified, hardworking personnel who can help you with a variety of services. We have been serving the El Paso area for over a decade and can help you as well. In addition to services offered in El Paso, we can also help you throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We do everything we can to ensure that we meet regulations set by OSHA and many other associations and to instill the best safety practices when operating high-tech equipment and machinery. With us, you can trust that our crane services and equipment are the best of the best in the industry.

Crane and Lifting Services

When you need heavy items lifted and moved, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of crane and lifting services and have numerous pieces of machinery and equipment in our inventory to do so. Our equipment includes:

  • Cranes- We carry a variety of cranes, including mobile cranes, boom cranes, and hydraulic cranes, among others. These cranes are able to carry a wide range of weights, ranging from 25 to 165 tons.
  • Hydraulics and Cables- Equipment and machines equipped with hydraulics and cables make lifting, rigging, and transporting large items easier and more efficient. We carry a wide range of machinery that is equipped to move heavy items in our inventory and can use them when assisting you with crane services, plant relocations, and more.
  • Rigging Machinery- We also have a large selection of rigging machinery in our inventory, including hydraulic gantries, cranes, and air dollies. These allow us to safely move equipment, transport machinery, and so on.
  • Air Dollies- Air dollies allow us to move heavy items within a plant or factory. They’re efficient, making moving machinery a breeze.
  • Jacking Systems- These systems are great for moving heavy vehicles and large pieces of machinery.

Whatever services you may need, we can guarantee that we have the equipment and machinery necessary to get the job done. With us, you don’t have to worry about going to multiple companies to get the job done. We are equipped to help you from beginning to end.

Crane Rentals

Sometimes, you have the manpower and knowledge to operate different kinds of cranes but not the cranes themselves. No problem. We offer crane rentals with our qualified and licensed operators. All of our equipment is maintained and repaired regularly, so it’ll be in good condition when you rent them. On top of that, we keep up with all of our inspections, including daily, monthly, weekly, and annual inspections that are set by OSHA and other governing associations. These inspections help to minimize accidents so when you rent our equipment, you can rest assured knowing it’s in tip-top shape.

Safety, Inspections, & Other Regulations

When we operate our cranes, there are different things we do to stay safe. This includes:

  • Avoiding using the machinery and equipment during extreme weather conditions, like rain, snow, hail, and harsh winds.
  • Always wearing safety gear when necessary.
  • Maintaining etiquette when using the machinery and equipment.
  • Following the correct procedures when operating machinery.
  • Staying up to date on inspections for any of the equipment you may own.
  • And lastly, never messing around while using the equipment. It’s imperative everyone stays safe and minimizes the risk involved in using these machines.

In addition to the various ways you can stay safe and promote safety while using cranes and pieces of machinery and equipment, anyone who owns the equipment must get certain regular inspections as set by OSHA and other associations. These inspections include:

  • Annual inspections of the entire crane
  • Biannual inspections
  • Usability inspections for equipment that has been sitting for anywhere between one and six months. A more in-depth inspection is required for equipment that has been sitting for longer.
  • Weekly inspections of the motor and highly important parts
  • Daily inspections for any damages that may have happened from using it the day before. These are usually for equipment that is used daily.

Not only are inspections required, they’re also important for keeping you and your employees safe. At KMJ Transportation, we perform the necessary inspections required for keeping our machinery and equipment in tip-top shape and for keeping our employees safe. When you receive crane service from us, you can guarantee that we will use equipment that has been thoroughly inspected.

Lastly, there are numerous regulations set by OSHA and other associations that we and anyone else who uses cranes and other equipment must follow. These include wearing safety gear, practicing caution when operating machinery, and following rules set by the company we work for. Our employees at KMJ Transportation follow these regulations to a “T,” so when they perform crane services for you, they do so safely and efficiently.

Contact Us Today!

If you’re in need of crane services, equipment rentals, plant relocations, and more, we’re the place to call. Our wide selection of equipment and machinery, crane services, and expertise as industrial contractors make us a one-stop shop for all of your industrial needs. Give us a call today and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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