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Serving The West Since 2007
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(915) 779-3665
Call Us Today!
(915) 779-3665




KMJ Transportation is a transportation and logistics company that provides trucking, hauling, and numerous other services in El Paso, throughout the United States, and in Canada and Mexico. Our services include:

Crane Service:

We offer crane services, including crane and lifting services, crane rentals, gantry systems services and rentals, and modular lift towers. Our cranes are well-kept, past inspections, and can be used in construction, to move materials, and to relocate equipment.

Hydraulic and Cable Services:

We have equipment that comes equipped with hydraulics and cables to perform certain functions, such as lifting, pulling, cutting, and so on.

Rigging and Machinery Moving:

Whether you’re relocating your plant or need some machinery moved to a new location for a job, we can help. We have rigging equipment and offer rigging services to help you get those larger machines and pieces of equipment moved from job to job or to your new plant.

Hydraulic Gantries:

Hydraulic gantry systems are used to lift, move, and set heavy and large machinery such as stamping presses and injection molding machines.

Air Dollies:

Air dollies are motorized dollies that are powered by air. They can lift heavy weights and are easily movable. They are ideal for moving heavy objects in a factory or warehouse.

Jacking Systems and Services:

We also have jacking systems available that can be used to lift, move and set heavy equipment.

Plant Relocation:

If you’re looking to relocate your plant, we can help you haul your heavy equipment, no matter where in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada you are going.

Operations in Mexico and Canada:

We offer services in both Mexico and Canada in addition to the United States!

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    7155 Industrial Ave.
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    Phone: (915) 779-3665