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Heavy Hauling

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Heavy Hauling from KMJ Transportation

KMJ Transportation is a hardworking team that offers a variety of industrial services including heavy hauling. Whether you need to relocate your plant, a large piece of equipment transported, or are in the business of moving larger, much heavier items (such as trailer homes), we can help you. We’ve been in the business for 11 years now and have the tools, equipment, fleet, and manpower to help you get the job done.

Our Hauling Services

We provide a variety of hauling services, including:

  • Hauling of smaller items
  • Rigging
  • Crane services
  • “Heavy” heavy hauling, for the much larger things that need to be transported
  • Other hauling/rigging services in which gantry systems, jacking systems, and other tools are needed

We understand that not every company is equipped to haul large equipment and machinery or any other heavy thing they need to be moved. That is why we are here to help you should you need this service to be completed.

What Classifies as a “Heavy” Haul?

We can haul machinery, equipment, and other items of all shapes and sizes, but specifically, examples of “heavy hauls” could include:

  • Machinery, tools, and equipment, such as cranes, gantries, and jacking systems
  • Planes and turbines
  • Windmills used to generate energy
  • Materials needed for new buildings, bridges, and so on
  • Large pipes
  • Domes
  • Generators
  • Beams and other materials

Our Vehicles and Equipment

At KMJ Transportation, we have a wide range of equipment, machinery, tools, and trucks in our inventory that can be used for heavy haul jobs. We have a variety of trailers, flatbeds, and multi-axle vehicles that can carry large items and machinery. We also have cranes, gantry systems, jacking systems, and more that allow us to lift heavy objects onto and off of the vehicles and to their designated spot, such as in a specific location within your warehouse or at a construction site. Our equipment gives us the ability to fulfill these kinds of jobs so you don’t have to worry about figuring out a way to do them yourselves.

Common Example of Heavy Hauls

While we can help a wide range of clients with their heavy transporting needs, some of the most common jobs we do include:

  • Moving heavy equipment for construction companies, home builders, and more
  • Relocating plants and warehouses
  • Hauling construction materials to their appropriate sites
  • Hauling beams and other structural parts of buildings and bridges
  • Transporting larger building components such as boilers and industrial HVACs
  • Transporting large planes
  • Moving other large items that don’t fit in standard cars, trucks, trailers, or moving vehicles

These are just some of the most common examples of heavy hauling we do. With our considerable variety of equipment, trucks, and hardworking employees, we can help you with your hauling job even if it’s not listed above.

How We Practice Safety When Hauling Large Items

At KMJ Transportation, we take safety seriously. We work hard to follow and practice the best safety procedures, utilize equipment, machinery, and vehicles in a safe manner, and to ensure all of our machinery and equipment receive and meet regular inspections. Safety is our priority. We would never jeopardize it while performing hauling services for you. We understand that driving with such heavy loads can be incredibly dangerous. That is why we will:

  • Never overload our trucks
  • Always use the proper trucks for the type and size of the load
  • Ensure our drivers are licensed and experienced before taking on any job
  • Practice safety protocols on the job
  • Properly rig and secure items on to trucks
  • Safely unload items at their final destination
  • Ensure everything arrives in tip-top shape
  • Follow the laws and regulations in the city, state, and country we are traveling through

Safety is no joke to us here at KMJ Transportation. We do everything we can to stay safe on the road and to ensure your cargo gets to where it needs to go in one piece. We take you and your work seriously, meaning with us, you can trust the hauling job will be done quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose KMJ Transportation?

There are many reasons why you should choose KMJ Transportation as your industrial contractor. With over a decade of experience, a fleet of trucks, heavy-duty equipment, and hardworking employees, we’re definitely the company to call. We take safety seriously, we work quickly and efficiently, and we offer a variety of hauling services. On top of that, all of our equipment and vehicles are inspected and well-cared for, our employees are trained, experienced, certified, and licensed to handle the job, and our company consistently offers the best in customer service. We can transport your goods throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada and offer both cargo and liability insurance when hauling throughout the United States. We’re the premier company to choose for all of your industrial contractor needs.

Contact KMJ Transportation Today!

If you’re in need of high-quality, reliable heavy hauling service, we’re the place to call. Let our hardworking and experienced employees help you take your heavy, oversized loads from point A to point B. Give us a call to learn more about the various hauling, rigging, and other industrial services we offer.

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