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Plant Relocation

plant relocation

Plant Relocation: KMJ Transportation is Here to Help

If you’re looking to relocate your plant, you know it’s going to be a huge job. You’ll need special equipment to move your own special equipment. You’ll need trucks to transport it wherever you are moving to. And the list goes on and on. Your best bet for a successful plant relocation is to team up with an industrial contractor who has the equipment and vehicles necessary to get the job done. KMJ Transportation can assist you with relocating your plant, no matter if you’re moving down the street or across the country. We have the machinery, trucks, and personnel needed to help you.

How We Get the Job Done

We are able to assist you every step of the way throughout the entire process. We’ll disassemble the equipment, transport it to the new location, set it up and reassemble the equipment where you want it in the plant, hook up all the required electrical systems, and test run it to ensure it is good to go. Since we are experienced with different kinds of equipment, we will help you transport and hook it all up. In addition, we do everything according to your needs, layout plan, and schedule.

What You Should Do Before Relocating

There are a few things you should do when planning a plant relocation that will help to ensure everything goes smoothly and you are satisfied with how everything ends up at the new location. These include:

  • Creating a schedule. This will help to keep everything on track so you can be set up at your new plant location in no time.
  • Creating a layout. Where do you want everything to be set up at your new plant? Are there any restrictions, such as a lack of outlets or power lines in certain areas at the new facilities. Knowing this in advance allows us to set up without the hassle of having to rearrange your equipment over and over again.
  • Develop work instructions. These will be for you, your employees, and us, so we can make the whole process go smoothly.

Doing these things before relocating will make the process swift and efficient.

Plant Relocations with KMJ Transportation

If you’re looking to move your plant, we can help—and not just in El Paso. We can help you relocate anywhere in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Give us a call today to learn about the various services we offer.

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